Make Moves Easier

Why should you or your company use our BLUE BINS for your Move, Renovation, or Event (just a sample)

Environmental Impact Reduction
Many individuals, and companies, are progressive. They are proactive in their beliefs, and take action where they can, to conform to their beliefs. Corporations may include these beliefs in their charters and action plans. Using reusable plastic boxes is a very easy way to help the above agenda along. We know some banks have mandated using bins rather than Cardboard boxes in their moves. Its these little steps that demonstrate, not only to their staff, but to customers their commitment and seriousness. It’s a simple step and anyone can do it, easily; Talk the talk and walk the walk.

Sometimes doing the right thing actually makes so much sense you would have done it anyway had you known. How about, a better organized, clean, neatly stacked, easier handled, less damaging, faster, and a less cleanup Move ? . Using our plastic moving boxes accomplishes just that, the rest (environmental stewardship) is a bonus (or is it the other way around?)

Hiring a mover by the hour? Or truckload ? The odd sized or crumbling, taped up cardboard boxes should speed things up (not!). Try stacking two heavy boxes on top of each other; doesn’t work very well.
Imagine, you have called us and we dropped off our plastic moving boxes. You’ve packed all your precious belonging in them and stacked them up ready to go. The moving bins are exactly the same size and the movers come, fit them into their trucks (a lot more than you expected) and they are done. Next day, you unpack and we pick up the bins. No fuss no muss. The move was a lot faster, therefor cheaper. You did not buy tape, cardboard boxes, and your staff did not make the boxes, did not do the taping, did not unmake the boxes, and did not cutup the boxes for disposal. Sounds like it saved a lot of money on your staff time. The reusable plastic boxes you rented cost you less than the cardboard boxes and you saved on your staff time, movers time and loads. If you did a business case on this, a no brainer!


Yes, these are small things but try lifting a full cardboard box. Our plastic moving boxes have handles. They are stiff and don’t crumble, its even ok if they get a bit wet as your belongings won’t.
Do you want to lock your belongings? No problem, the plastic moving bins are designed to be tied in or locked if you require that.

Renovations can be messy, whether at the office or at home. You need to pack your items, move them to another part of the office and move them back once the renos are done. Our plastic boxes are so cheap, its worth your while to rent them for a long as you need. They are easy to move around, will protect your belonging, are easy to tag and take up much less space because they can be stacked easily! We don’t think you will do renos without our plastic moving boxes again!