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The days of dumpster diving for moving boxes are over. There is a new box in town – It’s rent-able, recyclable, and stress free.

Blue Bins BC offers reusable moving boxes that are delivered to your home or office. It’s simple – find the package that best suits your needs, we deliver, you pack and move and we pick them up.

Here are 5 reasons why rental moving boxes are better than cardboard moving boxes:

1. It’s good for the earth- It’s no secret that cardboard boxes fill up landfills daily. Why not try to reduce your carbon footprint by renting reusable moving crates? With our reusable boxes, you are doing your part by using an eco friendly product that can be reused hundreds of times.

2. No more packing tape and no more building cardboard boxes: Building boxes for a move is the most time consuming part. Blue Bins BC boxes come with lids attached so they are ready to go. All of our box lids interlock and NO packing tape is required. With Blue Bins BC boxes, there is no need to ever build a cardboard box again! We pick them up when you are all done so no need to break them down or find a new home (aka the dumpster). It’s moving made easy!

3. Less stress – It’s a fact that moving is one of the most stressful life events a person can have. So, why not make the choice to reduce as much stress as possible during a move? Not only do you get our awesome reusable boxes but we deliver everything to you, even moving supplies! And the icing on the cake, we pick them up when you are all done. It’s really a life hack!

4. Time and money saver – We all know moving can be time consuming and expensive. From driving around town and buying all the moving supplies, to hiring local movers and professional packers, the tab for the move is getting really high, really fast. Let Blue Bins BC save you the time and hassle all while keep your moving costs down. Blue Bins BC will deliver all the supplies you need, and pick them up too. Cut out the hassle of driving around town looking for the right size cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Our boxes stack so that moving bill is going to be cut in half because you have made the mover’s live much easier. It’s going to take them half as long loading all of those precious items which in turn gives you a lower moving bill.

5. Encourages you to unpack quicker – As a veteran mover I will be the first person to tell you that with every move some of my belongings sit in a box for months. In fact, I am still pulling stuff out of boxes after we moved a year ago. With cardboard boxes there is no sense of urgency to unpack all of your belongings. With renting boxes, you know you need to return in a somewhat timely manner. This encourages to unpack your items and give the boxes back! Your home will feel like home a lot sooner!

Have questions or want to book our boxes for your next move? Give us a call at 604-515-0950 or visit out website at www.bluebinsbc.ca . We service all of the Greater Vancouver area and no job is too big or too small, afterall, we have over 10,000 bins.